WHAT Paints do you work with?

The Liquitex Professional Soft Body Artist Acrylics are my current favourites. I absolutely love how fluid these paints are! I also use Liquitex Basics and Blick Studio Acrylics.

Have you considered hosting workshops?

Yes, definitely! It's something that I've been dreaming about, but let's just wait and see what 2018 brings. Of course, you can subscribe to my monthly newsletter to be one of the first in the know!

what camera do you use to take your photos?

From late 2014 until now, I have been using the Sony a5000 with the kit lens. I recently added umbrella lights to my studio setup and what a difference additional light sources make! 


I am not accepting any commission work at the moment, but head on over to my shop. You just might find the perfect painting to suit your space!