Hi there! If you're unfamiliar with #The100DayProject, you can head on over to the project website to read more about it. In sum, it's a creative project that requires you to do something daily for 100 days. The 'something' that you choose is totally up to you. For my project, I chose to create 100 (different!) colour studies, using three primary colours of paint and white. 

The colours I'm using are Quinacridone Magenta, Cerulean Blue Hue and Cadmium Yellow Hue. 

I first heard about the 100 day project about a year ago but I couldn't participate at the time. Fast forward one year later and I was reminded about the project completely by accident and just in time to figure out what I wanted to do. My first ever colour study was sitting on my desk at the time and the idea just popped in to my mind straight away!

The process was supposed to be a bit messy and playful, and while it is still playful, my brushstrokes have become a bit more intentional and precise as the days go by. While I do like both styles, I'm on a journey to finding a happy medium between the two throughout the rest of the project. 

I've been featured on the 100 Creatives podcast, by Sally Harris, who's doing #100daysofpodcasting for her project. How fun! My interview is episode 27, where we talk about the things and people that inspire us and also about how I chose my project idea. 


You can follow along with the rest of my project daily on Instagram, as well as other projects I may be working on and various snapshots of my life! My unique hashtag for this project is #100daysofexploringcolour. You can find even more creatives taking part in this challenge under #the100dayproject!